super confusing

I need to accept that you’re in my fucked up life even you’re the reason of my birth. But that birth didn’t change anything. It’s the same for you and it means that you can’t feel, no you have of non of these hormones inside. My life fucked up with every step you take, obviously it doesn’t matter in which direction. You got the fault, it’s not me, its you, only you. You see, you can’t push your fuck away to your daughter. Cause your daughter is able to feel and just exists cause you, only you gave a woman some of your identity. When someone carry heavy stones on shoulders, it’s you and not your little you.

Ok, cool. You’re a kind of rich. Well, good for you and still bad for your little you. Cause your ego can’t share even if she cares. You can’t give love. You never became a lovely guy, because you never learned it to be. She cares a lot but you just can give away your money. Remember, it’s just paper with numbers. How much money can replace a daughter?

And with her never ending pursuit of the good, she never gained something good, because everything turns into ashes at the end. At least she got to know that she can break it off now. Now is the time, now she is not fighting to comply anymore and more. It seems to be over, but honestly we all know that the end is just given by death. She will always be your slave till you imagine, but you’ll never understand what you have done. She can’t hold you when you are falling apart. Your throne is far away and without nerve tracts.

It is never going to end. Doesn’t matter how hard someone fights.

Some things are how they are but it is possible to decrease any harm even if the pain will stay till she is going to die.img_20180413_1839391895949829.jpg

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